Save 10% on your 62368 certification.

If your A/V or IT products are certified under UL/CSA or IEC 60950-1 or 60065, the impending the new HBSE (Hazard-Based Safety Engineering) standard UL/CSA & IEC 62368-1 will replace 60950 and 60065 in early 2018. Take advantage of our year-end special and save 10% on your entire 62368 certification needs. Bundle your UL/CSA 62368 testing & certification together with IEC or EN 62368 or test and certify for specific markets.

With MET, save 10% on your 62368 testing & certification for any market or save big when you bundle the US together with the Canadian, CB Scheme (IEC) and European Union (EN).

  • Save 10% on your entire 62368 certification.
  • Improve cost-effectiveness.
  • Improve your product’s time to market.
  • Gain global market access in over 50 countries.

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