About MET

25+ years ago, we broke the UL monopoly for product safety testing and certification in the United States.

Today, MET is the global service leader for product safety approvals and regulatory certification of electrical products — With facilities, accreditations, and over 50 years of experience img-01to get your products approved and to market faster. We are qualified to NRTL certify products in over 200 UL Standard categories and can test up to an additional 230+ standards for the U.S. market. For Canada, we maintain a wide scope of SCC accreditations and also offer expert third-party testing to almost any product safety standard for the European Union or Asia Pacific.

Save time and money by bundling our services. MET Labs is the preferred one-stop-shop for EMC, environmental, and safety testing and certification. MET-accredited categories include consumer products, information technology and telecommunications products including NEBS equipment, medical devices, and equipment designed for hazardous locations.


Product Services

We understand the manufacturer’s need to minimize time to market. Our compliance engineers are customer oriented and will keep an open line of communication with you to streamline the certification process and prevent unnecessary delays.

Our Product Safety Service Includes:

  • 24-hour start for critical projects
  • Two follow-up inspections per year
  • No hidden costs
  • Complimentary compliance assistance
  • Real-time, online project tracking with METrak Online

Manufacturers who perform their own product safety certification testing in-house, or who enjoy the convenience of using a local test lab, should partner with our lab. We are OSHA accredited to accept and certify test data generated by sources considered “non-independent.” These alternative sources of testing can be folded into the MET process for NRTL certification. This partnership can expand from accepting test data to acceptance of a manufacturer’s or local non-NRTL test lab’s product certification. Contact one of our account managers to learn more.